Morish Nuts supports the responsible service of alcohol
Alcohol laws vary in each state and territory in Australia.
In Western Australia, the Liquor Control Act 1988 regulates and controls how alcohol is sold; supplied and consumed the Liquor Control Act 1988 governs the alcohol laws.
Under the Western Australian Legislation, gift hampers are exempt from the Liquor Control Act 1988 (the ACT)
Morish Nuts is only able to sell gift hampers containing alcohol to persons over the age of 18. You may be asked for proof of age upon delivery of gift hampers containing alcohol.

The sale or supply of liquor together with flowers, a food parcel or a gift hamper to be delivered by the vendor or supplier as a gift, to a person other than the purchaser, vendor or supplier is exempt from the Act, provided that the following conditions are met:
  • the gift must be delivered between 7am and 7pm;
  • the person to whom the gift is delivered must be at least 18 years of age;
  • the quantity of the liquor sold or supplied cannot be more than two litres;
  • the business of the vendor or supplier must be genuinely marketed as a service for the sale and delivery of gifts;
  • the gift must be packaged so that the person to whom it is delivered would be likely to know that it was intended as a gift;
  • the vendor or supplier must have purchased the liquor from the holder of a Hotel or Liquor Store licence;
  • the value of the liquor and its container cannot be more than half of the purchase price of the gift.
  • The value of the liquor and its container is based on the cost of buying that liquor from a liquor store or hotel licence
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